Roger Cutler's Audio Clips

Houston Symphony Chorus

Music of Interest

Merula - "Hate" Chaconne - Debby and me.  (2017 Western Wind Workshop)
Gibbons/Vaughan Williams - Drop Drop Slow Tears - S and B by Orlando Gibbons, inner voices added by RVW. (2017 Western Wind Workshop)
Schütz - Zu Bethlehem. Four basses (Elliot Levine, me, Peter Walker, Joel Jones) plus "sackbuts" (Mark Johnson, David Traugot). I'm the first (bass) voice you hear. (2016 Western Wind Workshop)
Schütz - Habe Deine Lust - Debby and me (2016 Western Wind Workshop).
Levine - Round the Cauldron - including Debby and me, plus various other witches. (2016 WW)
Elgar - My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land (2016 WW)
Mendelssohn - Abschied vom Walde (2016 WW)
Lerner and Loewe - If Ever I Would Leave You (2016 WW)
Johnson - Full Fathom Five (2016 WW)
Medieval English - Edi Beo Thu Hevene Queene - Todd Frizzell and me, a really old Christmas Carol. (2016 WW)
John IV, King of Portugal - Crux Fidelis (2016 WW)
Lennon/McCartney - Michelle - Margo Silberstein and Mark Johnson. Most of the background vocal was apparently extemporaneous. (2016 WW)
Billings - I am Come into My Garden (2015 Western Wind Workshop)
Parker - Come, Ye Disconsolate (from Melodious Accord -- I'm the baritone, performed at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church 2007)
Schütz - Bass Duet - (Elliot Levine and me, 2008 Western Wind workshop) I love the words. Very freely translated:
     I was young, and now I am old. Yet shall the virtuous be rewarded and their descendents will never go hungry. Hallelujah!
Early American - Fiducia (Debby and me at Western Wind workshop, beautiful singing from Debby 2008)
Josquin - Petite Camusette (Debby, Richard Slade and me at Western Wind Workshop 2007)
Sea Chanty - High Barbary (manly men of the Western Wind workshop 2007)
Tchaikowski - Blazheni - 2009 Western Wind workshop, our group had a lot of men and we channeled the Russian spirit.
Schütz - Wenn Unsre Augen - Debby and me at the 2009 workshop. Perhaps because of the text the continuo players encouraged us
     to do this very slowly, which was a considerable challenge.  "When our eyes fall asleep/ Still let the heart be beating strong;
     Hold above us Your right hand/ So that we don't fall into sin and shame." 
Schütz - Fili Mi Absolom - This is Elliot Levine, who is something of a "hero baritone" to me.  You can hear me singing a duet with him
    several rows up titled "Bass Duet".  He is singing here the piece for baritone and sackbutt chorus.  Sackbutts are an old, baroque version 
    of the trombone that does not have the penetration and intensity to play with instruments in a modern orchestra, but which in my view
    were created to combine with the human voice to glorify God.  They have a softness that is .. well, listen to the cut.  I'm not sure if I would
    give my right arm to sing this aria with a sackbutt chorus -- but I'd consider it.  I'm pretty sure I'll never get a chance ... but just listen
    to Elliot do it.  This is one heck of an aria.  About David and Absolom.  You know the story.
Schütz - Himmel und Erde - Bass trio, I'm running here with the big dogs: Elliot Levine and Joel Jones.  Another good text:
    "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away". 2010 Western Wind.
Troupe - Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - From the 2010 workshop pops concert.  Debby and me, Steve Lanser and Keiko Shihata.
Hazard - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Again the 2010 workshop, Debby is in the group.
Carrillo - O Magnum Mysterium - 2010 Workshop, a good piece of music.  Debby and I are in the group.
Weber - Pie Jesu - Debby and Sandy Wills at church, with Pastor Jim giving communion in the background. 2011
Kaplan - Psalm 23 (not HSC, but I like it and not many people are familiar with this)
Handel - Messiah - Rejoice (The 9-8 version, very seldom heard.  I like it a lot).
Bach/Stokowski - Prelude in B Minor and Siciliano

Sunday Ensemble Singing

These are recordings taken on the spur of the moment in rehearsals.  None of them are performance quality and some are pretty rough (sometimes you can hear us learning it on the repeats) -- but there are some good moments, too. See the Photo Gallery for more explanation and pictures.

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